Katie D. Maffeo

Katie leads The DeVore Group's organizational development practice. In this role, she helps our clients with the onboarding process to secure successful and long-term critical hires. Given her experience in the nonprofit industry, she frequently is involved in projects involving employee engagement, staff retention and reorganization efforts. Katie also provides counsel for strategic workforce planning, compensation analyses, performance management, employee training and on-boarding programs. She is also skilled in nonprofit organizational development, budgeting, technology needs analysis, program evaluation, and case management.

Other areas of expertise include: organizational leadership, client relations, regulatory compliance consulting, project management, strategic planning, intellectual disability awareness education and grant writing.

She is focused on building high performance teams with proven skills to enable and support growing organizations. In her leadership roles, she successfully developed individuals and teams to achieve their personal best. She brings this valuable success and perspective into her approach to working with and coaching clients.

Darren J. Kretz

With over 20 Years of Finance, Sales, and Engineering Experience in the Data Telecom & Security Markets, Darren's knowledge-base has a diverse range, from startup business approaches (with successful execution) to US publically held technology companies. Darren has further knowledge and experience in the high-end security industry.

He advises clients around the world on regulatory and technical issues as well as the opportunities of Alternative Energy, Distributed Generation, “Smart” infrastructures, and the implications for market design. He has assisted clients with managing the creation and execution of large transformation programs including new business models, systems, and organizations needing to satisfy the changing needs and expectations in international businesses (North America, Central America, Latin America, South America and Italy).  Darren has delivered numerous strategic systems and technology implementation initiatives and has overseen large scale deployment projects.

Throughout his years in the industry, Darren has led several strategic planning initiatives, developed high performance enterprise architectures, implemented enterprise systems, and advised business and technology executives on the evolution of the role and nature of Information Technology.

Jeffrey S. DeVore

Jeff brings more than 30 years of business consulting experience to The DeVore Group.  Much of his background is in the area of property fire and casualty, product liability, fleet maintenance and driver controls for required insurance policy coverages, workers’ compensation insurance options and cost evaluation. Office and work place life safety code requirements are another forte.

Jeff has focused on premises security, controlled employee access and intruder prevention. He will often review company operations, services and production activities. In addition, he will performance audits of income and expenses to aide in the preparation of creating business plans to maximize profit.  

Jeff's experience with human capital management includes the assessment of the employment application process, onboarding success, background investigation, work experience references, education and certifications.  Further experience includes the development of job descriptions, performance standards and individual career pathing.